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The Earth is Under attack!

Welcome to earth 20xx. The world is being bombarded by millions of space mines, deployed by the evil space pirates to wipe out humanity so they can sell your planet on the black market. in a desperate act, the world leaders have sent its space fleet to shoot down as many mines as they can, knowing full well that they will never return!

3 modes to choose from

- Slow moving mines will fall for a casual game
- mines will interact with each other, you can shoot down or even dodge mines to increase your score.
- mines will slowly increase in numbers as time progresses

- Swift Moving mines for a challenging game
- Spike wall added to keep players from camping in the sides
- Mines no longer interact with each other but will blow up if touching the spike walls
- mines will increase at a normal pace

- Insanely fast bombs for your inner masochist
- Mines will no longer interact with the spike wall
- Mine fall will increase at an incredibly fast pace
- Gravity will constantly pull you down.
- Truly a test in futility!

About the game

First let me say Thank you for your interest! This is my first game developed with Unity and in C#. while I'm not new to game development entirely, my only development platform was Flash with Actionscript 2, so you can imagine the jump I made :D

This game is marked as in development as I plan on tightening controls and adding features, perhaps even releasing it in the form of a "Space Mines 2"! The game itself is free but with the option of paying what you want. While you don't have to pay, every bit helps me to make newer and better games!


This is a standalone file, so you should be able to place the game with its folder in any directory and play it just fine. As a quick note the game doesn't play very well on the lowest Resolution setting and the keys are bound to the arrow keys and Z, so you can't change any of that. I'll be changing how the game handles input later, just as soon as I figure out how.


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